4 things to remember when planning your wedding day!

If you’re planning your destination wedding day,  you’re likely dreaming of amazing landscapes, experiencing a new culture; having a romantic setting and feeling the allure of Italy for you and your guests. and you want to be sure that all of your efforts and plans will get perfectly for you and all your guests!

In this wedding blog article,  I give few suggestions and tips to consider in planning your wedding day based on my experience as destination wedding planner based on the Amalfi Coast!

Weather –  can you prevent it?

The right answer is NO! and even if you plan your wedding during summer time, could happen that the weather condition will not be good!

So that, when you book your wedding venue, be sure you have a good B plan that can accomodate comfortable all your guests!

This is the only way you can relax and not get worried about the weather!

Question to ask to your local wedding planner:

  1. Is covered the area where will be served the dinner?
  2. In case of rain, which are the options?
  3. How is the inside space? There is enough space to accommodate all your guests?

Logistics – Will the ceremony and reception dinner take place in the same venue?

The time schedule of your wedding day is extremely important and with your wedding planner you should give the right attention while planning the wedding day.

In doing it you should imagine your wedding day and consider all the things that you would like to do and evaluate what is possible to do and what isn’t not.

On the Amalfi Coast it is very important to take in consideration that moving to one place to another isn’t very easy and when you do the schedule it is important to considering the time it will take to take you and your guests from one place to another!

This will guarantee you the right time to cover all the thing you want to have on your wedding day and will make sure your guests will not get exhausted and enjoy the wedding day.

Question to ask to  your wedding planner:

  1. How long will take to get from the ceremony to the receptions?
  2. Should we walk, drive, etc?
  3. There is a bar where we can arrange a drinks while we are out ot take pictures?

Speeches – how many will you have?

Arrange the speeches in advanced and schedule on the timesheet of your wedding day.

It is important to define the exact time in which you’ll have it!

I do always suggest to have it  during the dinner but you should make sure the maitre of the venue will know wexactly the schdeule in way he can give the time to chef to serve the food at the right time!

Question to ask to yourself:

  1. Who will take the speech?
  2. How many guests want to have it?
  3. How long each of them will last?

Music – What kind of music is allow?

Your entertainment choices will be one of the key ingredients to making your wedding day a success, but be sure you respect the venue of your wedding day! On the Amalfi coast we do have many limitations on music but your local wedding planner  will give the right suggestion of music to planning the music of your wedding day!.

As for the ceremony, I do suggest to have more classic instrument like violin, harp, accordion, mandolin to live a typical Italian wedding sound; for the dinner I suggest having a pleasant instrumental playing in the background! For the after dinner, it really depends on the venue you book  for your wedding day!


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