Destination wedding planner – Tip on how to choose your Wedding Planner

If you landed on my website is because you are considering to have a destination wedding, maybe in Italy and probably on the amazing destination wedding Amalfi Coast.

Am I right?

Well, I would like to give you some tips on how you should choose the right destination wedding planner for your wedding.

Having a big or an intimate wedding doesn’t make a bigger difference. If your wedding planner is a professional one, isn’t this the problem! Yes, because first things that I want to underline is that, wherever you are planning to have your wedding, it is extremely important to hire a professional wedding planner that will help you.

So, the 3 most important thing to understand to be sure you’ll have an enjoyable experience in organising your wedding are three:

  1. Are you a professional wedding planner?
  2. Are you locally based?
  3. Are you “attending” to my wedding?

1- The first question to ask to understand is she is a professional WP is: Do you have a registration number?

In Italy the wedding planner category doesn’t have a specific regulation and, even if isn’t a simply job to do; there are many people around that try to make it as career. To avoid bumping in some unprofessional one, I do suggest asking if they have a registration number.

The registration number in Italy is called the Partita IVA and having it means that the wedding planner is regular registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Italy and pay regular taxes. So, having this registration number means that the wedding planner is professional and isn’t doing this job for fun!

2- Second question to ask is: Where are you based?

Choosing a local wedding planner means that she knows exactly how is running life around the area and for sure she is in contact with lot of venues, lot of supplier and more, she can can resolve any problems may rise during the organisation of your wedding in a very direct way.

3- Third question is: What do you usually do on the Weddin day?

After different months of planning, the big day is finally arrived and you should make sure that your destination wedding planner will be at your side making sure that everything goes exactly in the way you decided together.


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