The wedding budget for your Amalfi coast wedding is hard to define at the early stage of the planning process but it is extremely important!To plan a wedding is the one of the most expensive event to plan, even for a destination wedding on the Amalfi coast!In this guide I am happy to share few […]

Wedding budget for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast: how to define it

Amalfi Coast destination wedding view of the sea side
Wedding ceremony in positano planned with a local wedding planner

From where to start to plan a destination wedding?The approach to the destination wedding is very different from a local wedding and before starting, it is important to highlight few things to consider to choose for your wedding.To plan an Amalfi Coast wedding represent a very good start for your wedding life together.To hire e a […]

Amalfi coast wedding planner: tips on how to choose the right one to hire!