Fun wedding activities for your Amalfi coast wedding

Adding some fun activities to your Amalfi coast wedding weekend to make an authentic and memorable with experience for you and your guests!

Boat tour

It’s a MUST to do! To enjoy the Amalfi coastline from the sea! Plan a boat to discover hidden bays along the coast; to enjoy a special lunch to one of the restaurant along the coast; go to Capri and have a swim by the Faraglioni rocks!

Drive along the coast

Hire a vintage car: the classic Fiat 500 or the Alfa Romeo to ride the serpentine of the Amalfi Coast in the perfect Italian style.

Cooking class

The Italian food is famous worldwide and it cannot be missed the opportunity to learn the secrets on how to make delicious dishes for the local expert! This is a very authentic and fun wedding activities to plan!

Archeological sites

Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum are the most important archeological sites n the world and all are close to the Amalfi Coast.
If you want to offer a very unique, cultural and fun wedding experience, this is for sure something cannot be missed!


If you like to be in contact with the nature you should discover the many trekking path the coast offer! Breathtaking views are 100% guarantee!



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