The beauty of Amalfi coast wedding – Destination wedding

Selecting beautiful scenery for your wedding destination can actually make a huge difference on your most important day. Italy is a beautiful land with a diverse culture. Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the most favorable wedding destinations in the world. It is a beautiful scenery that has even been featured in major films. If you are planning to get married, consider Amalfi coast weddings for the following reasons.

Variety of places to get married

Amalfi coast is one of the common romantic places in the world to get married at. Some of its most notable attractions include the rocky crags, islands, jagged cliff, citrus orchards, tiny villages, olive groves and the famous towns of Sorrento. There are numerous venues and even churches where you can have a wonderful Amalfi coast wedding. With breathtaking locations in Amalfi, you can have a popular wedding and stand out for going beyond the common traditional weddings.

Go for your honeymoon at the same location

Most destination weddings combines the wedding and honeymoon location. You get to have the honeymoon in the same area you had your wedding or a place nearby. This way you can save on costs and travel time thus giving you the opportunity to celebrate more. Your honeymoon plans can be made by the wedding planner, so you don’t have to worry about that. If you want to go some other place, then you can have a minimoon at the hotel and then proceed to where you like.

Holiday benefits for your guests

Having a destination wedding in Amalfi will give your guests a chance to travel and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In addition to enjoying your wedding, they will also benefit from site seeing. A destination wedding can last for a few days thus giving them the chance to enjoy a new culture, famous Italian cuisines, and its rich history. They will also have the chance to sleep in cozy hotels. If your budget allows you, you can give them gifts or treat them to a massage at the spa. Your Amalfi destination wedding is something they will never forget.

Keep your guest minimal

Guests lists for destinations weddings are usually smaller compared to their traditional counterparts. If you are want to have a small but luxurious wedding, Amalfi coast wedding is the way to go. You get to create a small guest list so that your budget allows you to get a more comfy and memorable wedding.


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