How to choose a wedding planner for your Amalfi Coast wedding

To have a planner will guarantee you to save time and money and will help you have the best Amalfi Coast wedding.

However, you need to know that not every wedding planner in the market has what it takes to give you your dream wedding. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you make the right choice when hiring a wedding planner. You need to research on some factors if you want value for the services you will be paying for. Some of the factors you ought to look at include


The first thing you should consider is that the planner has experience on the Amalfi Coast.

Someone who has been planning weddings in the area before is more likely to give you what you want, if is locally based is even better!!! Most destination wedding planning experts have a website where you can review their experience to see if they have what it takes to give you a good wedding.


The next step is to look at is about their previous work and job descriptions to see what is their style . If you want an unique wedding, go for a planner who is willing to make a custom plan for you. Look at galleries posted on their website so as to gauge their expertise in the field.


Reputation is crucial in the process to hire an Amalfi coast wedding planner. A good way to tell if the planner has a good reputation is to look at reviews posted by brides and grooms who have worked with the planner you want to hire in the past.

Reviews and comments are saying about the quality of services, timeliness, customer service and other factors. If you find negative comments about the planner, then this is a red flag, and you should not work with them. If you find positive ones, then this is an indication that they are good.

Also, ask to schedule a call to talk to them before hiring to see how accommodating they are and if there is feeling between you. You need someone who is of course professional but also open, friendly and can understand you. Someone who is willing to listen to the ideas you have and then turn them to your dream wedding. If they are friendly, you will be able to communicate effectively so as to ensure that you get the best wedding.


The cost will vary depending on the wedding planner that you choose. Some will charge an hourly rate; others will give you a full package depending on the intensity of planning. Check and compare before making a decision. However, you have to be careful especially when you are hiring a wedding planner you found on the internet. Some are cons who offer low prices so as to attract couples.


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