Legal marriage documentation for Australian Citizen

If you are Australian citizen and you wish to have your legal marriage in Italy the documentation process has to be divided into two main steps: the first one has to be made in your country and the second part has to be done as soon as you get in Italy. As you need to get all the documentations legalised by the Italian law, I do strongly raccoment to speak with you planner before you book your flights.

Before leaving Australia, it is strogly raccomand to obtain the Atto Notorio (sworn declaration) from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in Australia in the state where you reside. Make sure you travel with your Australian passport.

If you were married before, bring evidence of the termination of the previous marriage. Please note that woman who is been married before has to prof that has past 300 days in between. If you are widowed, you must bring the death certificate of your previous spouse.

As soon as you arrive in Italy, you need to obtain the Statutory Declaration (Nulla Osta). This Statutory Declaration must be signed whether you are single, divorced or widowed and you will do so in the presence of an Australian Consular officer at the Australian Embassy in Rome or Australian Consulate-General in Milan. A Nulla Osta literally states that “there are no impediments,” or that one is free to marry. The Nulla Osta (Statutory Declaration) is valid for six months . The Nulla Osta must then be legalised by the Uffico Legalizzazioni of the Prefettura.

It is possibleto consider to obtain your Atto Notorio in Italy, only is case, for some reasons, you are unable to geti t in Australia. This documenti s issued by the Tribunale Civile in Italy. The Tribunale Civile requires that you make an appointment before going there for an Atto Notorio therefore you should advice in advance your wedding planner to reserve an appointment for you. Foreign citizens who wish to obtain an Atto Notorio stating that they are free to marry, must show a “Permesso di Soggiorno” or an entry visa or a ticket which shows recent entry into Italy or into the European Union. The person requesting the Atto Notorio must attend in person together with two adult witnesses. If either spouse or one of the witnesses does not speak Italian, it is necessary to provide an interpreter, in addition to the two witnesses.

If you are and Amarican citizen, please click here for more informations

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As each nationality has the own specific requirements, feel free to contact me directly to more informations.


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