Wedding Amalfi Coast: 3 tips that will makes the difference

Tips for wedding amalfi coast to make it different

After you’ve attended a number of weddings, you might start realizing that many of them look and feel the same. Sure, they celebrate different couples, have different colours, and be made up of different guests, but the general outline of events and logistics may seem very similar.

But what really make it memorable?

For what is my experience there are 3 factors more important than the others if you are thinking to have your wedding on the Amalfi coast.

I do believe that for each bride and groom it is important to have a beautiful wedding gown, beautiful flower decorations, an amazing bridal bouquet and of course have to be perfectly planned but I would like to underline things that can make a big difference on your wedding day.


It is your wedding but don’t forget you have guests! If you are organising a destination wedding, wherever your destination is, keep in mind they want to be with you! For your destination wedding of course you are giving them a great excuse to take few days off to go in vacation but still remember that they will be traveling, sometimes form far away to be at your side on a special moment of your life. Give them in advance all the details how to get to the venue where the wedding will take place.

Ask to your local wedding planner to prepare a list on thing to do and where to eat. It is important to make their staying unforgettable. When you arriving in Italy will take a bit to understand where to have the best Neapolitan pizza J


If you are planning your wedding on the Amalfi coast be aware that is needed to gather the information in advance regarding the best way to get to Positano, Sorrento , Ravello or Amalfi. Getting from the airport in Rome on in Naples to the Amalfi Coast and to final destination can turn in a nightmare or in a very expensive in time and money if you don’t plan it in advanced. Ask to your local wedding planner which is the best way to get either to Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello and don’t forget that they way to get to each place is different.

If the venue isn’t close to where your guests are stying, plan the wedding day transfortation for your guests.


If you are planning a destination wedding is because you are in love with the history of this country, the food, and our culture. And you can enjoy those three things all over this amazing country. You should know that in each town you go in Italy there is something special that need to be discovered.

At your Italian wedding cannot be missed the confetti, almond covered with sugar that is a so delicious sweet that we give to our guest to wish good luck. More, having a wedding on the Amalfi coast means also to get in touch with the art of the ceramics. Why not giving as wedding favour to your guests some small ceramics pot with engrave on it your name? They will appreciate it and having back to their home.


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