Destination Wedding Amalfi Coast – five tips to plan it

Planning your destination wedding – five tips to share for your destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast!

Many brides and groom are choosing to celebrate their wedding day faraway from home, in a more exotic place around the world. Good weather, amazing food and something truly memorable for all – why not do it!

This increase, according to some very important brides review, it is mainly due by a budget limitation that makes the destination wedding more attractive choice, in fact, in most cases only family and very close friends are attending those celebrations.

Whatever is the reason, destination wedding are becoming increasing popular for any kinds of couple, for the one having the first time wedding, for those renewing their vows or for those that are celebrating second time wedding.

But it’s easy to panic about the organization, cost of hotels, food and entertainment for making your day memorable for you and your guests.

Those tips hope can be useful for you wherever you are planning your destination wedding and special day abroad.

Plan in advance – When the idea and the decision to make a destination wedding came up to you, as soon as you can share the idea with family and friends and start to plan on it. As you can imagine, having a destination wedding require to be planned in advanced for the couple but also for the people that are going to participate. Planning vacation time from work, having the passport ready, book your flight ticket at the best fare are just the first step to prepare you big day away from home.

In choosing your location, it is important to keep in mind that for most of your guests , would be a good excuse for an holiday. So that, make sure they can also have the chance to sightseeing and life an unforgettable experience during their staying. The romantic Sorrento and Amalfi coast can be one of the most beautiful day for your #destinationwedding

Legal Marriage requirements – The legal side of tying the knot in a different country can be complicated and it is important to work with some local person in order to have everything done for you day.

Take a Trip – it is not necessary especially if your choose a local wedding planner (like emmaevents for the Sorrento and Amalfi coast) but it would be nice if you can came over to choose the venue of your wedding day and havig the persoanl feeling on how it would be.

Came early – Plan your flight to your destination place some day before your wedding day. If you are planning to have a Civil Ceremony please make sure you’ll have enought time to finalize the all documentation. Coming few days before  will make you more to relax and be the best host for your guests.

Guests – Make ‘welcome bags’ for your guests to receive in their hotel rooms when they check in. They have traveled a long way to be a part of your celebration so welcome them in style. Be clear from the start what will be included for them. For example, the night-before cocktail party, the wedding breakfast and drinks that day. This will avoid a lot of stress for guests desperate to know what they’re expected to pay for.  would be nice to incorporate a local guide and some suggestion on what they can do in the free time.


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