Elegant venues for your wedding in Ravello

When you get to Ravello you’ll captured by the magical atmosphere of this small town above Amalfi.

Ravello is the most esclusive town of the Amalfi coast and for sure one of the most luxury and elegant spot to have your wedding on the Amalfi coast! It is placed just high enough and a little out of the main tourist tracks to make it more intimate.

It is a very small town but offer a very high variety of locations for your wedding in Ravello: Moorish palaces, Romanesque churches and elegant sea view villas await you. Set up on a ridge high above Amalfi you will feel like you can touch the sky and sea at the same time. The entire Bay of Salerno is in front of you!.

If you are looking for a civil wedding in Ravello it can be celebrated outdoors in the lovely and romantic gardens, overlooking the deep blue sea!

For your wedding in Ravello, the town offert charming restaurants and private villas are other possible options for every budget.

Catholic, Protestant, symbolic or civil wedding can be celebrate in Ravello

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