Wedding Week Amalfi Coast: Tips on how to plan it

Wedding Week Amalfi Coast: it is time to be ready to take off with all you guest for your dreaming destination! The main part is now done and it’s now time to your perfect destination wedding week Amalfi Coast!

Everyone will be traveling to the Amalfi Coast just for your wedding so the entire weekend needs to be perfect.

As wedding planner for Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, here I’m sharing with you some tips to plan the perfect destination wedding weekend.

  1. Create a page on facebook or on your wedding website.
    Create a wedding website or a facebook page where you can list all of the activities planned for your destination wedding weekend is a good start to make all the people aware of the plan.
    Give to your guests all the information in a way they can also plan their vacation and make their travel arrangements accordingly.
  2. Start your destination wedding week on the right foot.
    An excellent way to start your wedding week Amalfi Coast itinerary is to have an informal get-together in your destination the evening after everyone has arrived.
    This will take the edge off and put everyone in a happy and festive mood ahead of your destination wedding week.
  3. Explore your destination of choice together.
    A day or two before your wedding is the ideal time to explore your destination with all of your guests.  Taking time out to see the sights and experience the sounds of your destination will show your guests just why you chose this place and what makes it so amazing.  Your guests would have travelled all this way just for your destination wedding so pick up the tab for the group on a relaxed tour and activity that you know will be a definite crowd-pleaser.
  4. Host a farewell event just to say a big “thank you” to your guests.
    Everyone has gathered to celebrate your moment – the day you become husband and wife. To express your gratitude plan a pre wedding party  just to show your guests how much your appreciate them taking the time to be present to support you in your marriage.
  5. Hire a local destination wedding planner.
    Your wedding day is not the day to worry about schedules, whether the place cards are at the right seats, queuing music at key intervals, making sure the bubbly is poured, pointing guests to bathrooms or ensuring that the decor and lighting are perfect. Let a professional handle all these details so you can be free to celebrate your marriage with your loved ones around you!

Hiring a local wedding planner means you can receive the right tips on things to do, where to go and what to do. Having a local wedding planner will give to you the chance to live, for a few days, the experience local life and make sure you’ll be treated as local, not as tourist! Enjoy your wedding week Amalfi Coast


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