Wedding budget for your wedding on the Amalfi Coast: how to define it

The wedding budget for your Amalfi coast wedding is hard to define at the early stage of the planning process but it is extremely important!
To plan a wedding is the one of the most expensive event to plan, even for a destination wedding on the Amalfi coast!
In this guide I am happy to share few tips that might help you to set the wedding budget for your Amalfi wedding event!Where will you married?The Amalfi coast is an amazing area of the South of Italy.
Beautiful scenery and romantic vibes make the area considered the best spot in Italy to tie the knot! The area offer many beautiful venues able to accommodate different size of wedding and of course different atmosphere! Which is your favorite one?

Don’t know which town is the best for you Amalfi Coast wedding? Download your free copy to know more about the Amalfi Coast area

How many guests would you invite?

The first most important step to set your wedding budget is to define the number of guests you would like to invite! Guests will hardly decline this invitation! So, it is important to be accurate and invite only the people you really want to have at your wedding! To plan a destination wedding is a very exciting adventure for you as couple but also for your guests! It’s a beautiful reason to travel to the most loved country in the world! Guests will be thrill to take part to your Italian wedding.

Experiences to enrich your wedding having the wedding budget under control!

The Amalfi coast offer many experiences to enrich your wedding weekend and you should consider to add this voice into your wedding budget! Pompeii ruins is a must to see! Even if sound scary, take the chance to drive along the coast and don’t miss a boat tour to enjoy the coastline! Plan a day in Capri! Program a cooking class to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine! Discover the beautiful mountain with a trekking!…those are just few ideas and I will be happy to discuss more to know the best option for your wedding to complete a memorable experience! What are the best experience for you?

Choose the right vendors

It’s important to have an accurate list of professional vendors to choose based on experience and not on how much they cost! Before hire any of them, get to know more to understand their approach and way of working! and when you have comple the booking, add the cost to your wedding budget to keep track of it!
At EMMA events we suggest how to allocate your resources in the best way and during the last 8 years of experience we have created relations with the most professional wedding vendors and are happy to suggest the right one for you according to the style and the budget you have for your wedding day!

Few more tips for you:

Consider to add flowers at your destination wedding in the Amalfi coast even if the area offer beautiful setting!
Invest in your wedding photographer and videographer because through the the pictures and video you can keep alive the memories of your wedding day!
Treat yourself as bride! Hire a professional make up artist and hair stylist that will take care of you without exceeding! Don’t forget the music, essential to make memorable your wedding day!

Hidden costs

Even if it is an accurate wedding budget, there are extra costs that haven’t been added!
Here few hidden costs for your Amalfi coast wedding to add to the budget!
Postage stamps for your invitations; Steaming the wedding dress; vendors meal, logistics and transportation for items to the wedding venue; wedding day transfer for your guests; trials for make up and hair and tasting the menu; music tax and band equipment.

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